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The market prospect of PVC gloves is very good

Disposable PVC gloves are fast-moving consumption goods and are widely used in medical inspection, medical care, laboratories, electronic product processing, food processing, and fast food services. Compared with latex gloves and nitrile gloves, PVC gloves have advantages of convenient wearing, good breathability, comfortable hand feeling, acid & alkali resistance, good isolation effect, no skin irritation and low price. They also have antistatic properties.
At present, developed countries and regions, such as Europe and the United States have passed relevant legislation requiring relevant industries to be equipped with disposable gloves. Data show that the application of disposable PVC gloves has been popular in developed countries, and there is still room for development in food and electronics industries in the future, with an average growth rate of about 10%. However, developing countries are subject to the level of social development and lack of relevant policies & legislation. the penetration rate is low in the current, and there is still room for development in the long run. In addition, the state has issued a new version of GMP regulations, formulated higher environmental and verification standards, which places higher requirements on medical and food production organizations. In order to meet new standards, companies must upgrade their equipment accordingly and may speed up the pace of replacing latex gloves with disposable PVC gloves.
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