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Benefits of functional nitrile gloves

In today' s life, a variety of safety gloves have appeared, and the use of every type of glove is different. What are benefits of functional nitrile gloves?
In daily work, functional nitrile gloves are indispensable protective equipment. The function of gloves is different according to the using environment. Yu may be infected by contact with dangerous substances, products and processes if you do not wear functional nitrile gloves properly at work, , which may cause injury to your hands. Many people think that it is more convenient without gloves than to wear gloves, but they may be infected due to different working environments. So it is better to start with protective measures to provide protection for our personal safety.
Functional nitrile gloves have good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance, and friction resistance. Functional nitrile gloves usually have one layer of nitrile coating on the palm, they can resist puncture to a certain extent if the quality of purchased gloves are good, their density and thickness can up to standard. Ordinary nitrile gloves can meet your needs if your work is only occasionally exposed to sharp things. But if you often encounter sharp things in your work, we suggest you to buy professional functional nitrile gloves. There are two types of functional nitrile gloves, one is a single-layer cowhide functional nitrile glove or double-layer cowhide protective glove, and the other is a police stab-resistant glove. The leather gloves are super thick and hard, there is no possibility of puncture at all. The new gloves will be softer when wet with oil or water. Police stab-resistant gloves are made of American black lightweight synthetic fiber material, which enhances the overall anti-stab and cut-resistant performance of gloves.

These functional gloves are designed to protect products and workers in environments with special management requirements, including medical laboratories, cleaning rooms, electronics, food processing and food services.
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