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Status and market trends of dipped gloves production in 2022

As one kind of protective gloves, dipped gloves have specific using scope, the development environment and trends the manufacturers facing are also changing. PVC dipped gloves are made of paste resin and environmentally friendly oil, which is durable and corrosion resistant , suitable for chemical, machinery, oil field, fishery and other fields.
The gloves industry demands customized products increasingly, one product is difficult to solve all problems of the whole industries, such as non-slip gloves and cut-resistant gloves, the demand will gradually shift to foreign products, domestic manufacturers will improve equipment and production technology to become better, then the quality of dipped gloves will be more in line with consumer demand.
With the development of dipped glove industry marketing, end-users have higher and higher requirements for brands, manufacturers have continuously increased brand awareness, more and more bids from end-users, higher and higher requirements for technical parameters. Distributors are increasingly demanding on manufacturers and agents, users are increasingly demanding product knowledge training, they hope to master the standardized use of gloves through training to extend service life of dipped gloves.
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