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Frequently Asked Questions about Protective Gloves Application

1. Natural latex protective gloves should not be contaminated with acids, alkalis and oils when applied, and puncture of sharp objects should be prevented. After use, clean and dry. Spread talcum powder inside and outside of gloves to properly handle and store. Do not apply force or heat during storage.
2. Except for using insulated gloves in accordance with regulations, the voltage compressive strength should be re-checked after 1 year of use, and those who do not meet the requirements shall not be used as insulated gloves again.
3. Protective gloves should be chosen with gloves of suitable size. The overall dimensions of the gloves should be appropriate. If the gloves are too tight, restricting blood circulation, it is very easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable; if it is loose, the application is not flexible, and it is very easy to slip.
4. There are many types of protective gloves, which should be used according to the main purpose. First of all, it is necessary to identify the safety protection object, and then use it carefully, so as to avoid improper use to prevent accidents.
5. Insulating protective gloves, you must carefully inspect the shape before each application, and blow gas into the gloves with a blow check method, and pinch your hands at the sleeves of the gloves to prevent steam leakage, and observe whether the gloves will be autonomous. vent. If there is no steam leak in the inspection gloves, they can be used as sanitary gloves. Insulated gloves can still be applied when they are slightly damaged, but a pair of leather or gauze gloves should be put on the outside of the insulated gloves to ensure safety.
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