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Common issues when using protective gloves:

1.Natural latex work gloves should not be contaminated with acids, alkalis, or oils, and puncture by sharp objects should be prevented. After use, clean and air dry the gloves, sprinkle talcum powder on both the inside and outside, and store them properly. They should not be subjected to pressure or heat during storage.
2.Insulated gloves should be checked for voltage withstand strength after one year of use, in addition to following the specified usage requirements. If they fail the test, they should not be used as insulated gloves again.
3.Protective gloves should be selected in a size that fits the user's hand. The glove's size should be appropriate; if the glove is too tight, it can restrict blood flow and cause fatigue and discomfort. If it is too loose, it can be less flexible and prone to slipping.
4.There are many types of protective gloves, so they should be used according to their primary purpose. First, identify the safety protection target, and then use the gloves carefully to avoid accidents caused by improper use.
5.Insulating layer protective gloves must be carefully inspected for appearance before each use, and the inflation test method should be used to blow air into the gloves from the outside. Hold the sleeve of the glove with your hand to prevent air leakage and observe whether the glove leaks. If the gloves pass the leak test, they can be used as sanitary gloves. If insulated gloves are slightly damaged, they can still be used, but a pair of leather or yarn gloves should be worn over the insulated gloves to ensure safety.
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