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How to choose cut-resistant protective gloves

The rapid development of industrial production in various countries for many years has enabled each enterprise and individual to raise awareness of the importance of the working environment and protect their own safety and health. The wearing of labor protection products for protection during the production process has become an important measure for safe production. On the protection measures of the hand, the use of corresponding labor protection gloves in different environments has also become the key to safety protection.
Among the many types of labor protection gloves, cut-resistant gloves are an excellent class of high-quality labor protection products in terms of cut resistance and wear resistance. For ordinary textile labor protection gloves or rubber gloves, the main role is more reflected in the appropriate protection of the hand, to avoid dust or water, oil and other objects from contact with the hand, to maintain the cleanliness of the hands to the maximum And these gloves are not excellent in abrasion resistance and cut resistance. In the glass processing, metal processing or meat segmentation industries, these gloves are not very safe, and the application of cut protection labor gloves is just to meet the machinery Industry, high-risk cutting industry needs for personnel safety.
According to industry insiders, a pair of high-quality cut-resistant labor protection gloves can last a hundred or two hundred ordinary line gloves, and their safety will also be several times higher than line gloves, rubber gloves and leather gloves, of course, on the price It will be much higher. After all, cut-resistant gloves are generally composed of steel wires. The cost of steel wires and the complexity of the manufacturing process are destined to be more expensive than ordinary wire gloves and canvas gloves. Due to the special characteristics of cut-resistant gloves, it is widely used in disaster relief, long-term fire protection, glass and metal processing, petrochemicals, meat division, automobile manufacturing and other machinery industries and cutting related industries. The last line of defense.
Due to the super abrasion resistance of cut-resistant protective gloves, people in other industries will also use it in real life and work. However, industry insiders here said that some industries and types of work do not recommend the use of such gloves. For example, in the process of environmental protection, it is not suitable to use it when repairing trees and flowers, because this kind of gloves has a lot of dense small holes, which are thorny during pruning. Will pass through, but will cause some damage to the hand.
In the selection of anti-cut safety gloves, you need to choose the appropriate style and model according to the characteristics of the industry you are engaged in and the materials that the gloves are mainly in contact with. You should also choose the appropriate size of gloves according to the size of the operator ’s hand. It can better exert the abrasion resistance and protection function of cut-resistant protective gloves.
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