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Purple Nitrile Nylon Gloves, Nylon Knit Half Coating

Half Coating Nitrile Nylon Gloves

Product name : Purple Nitrile Nylon Gloves, Nylon Knit Half Coating

Item No: N-12

Material: Purple Nitrile & Nylon Knit

Coating way: Half Coating

Size: 10/9/8/7


Pure nitrile gloves are relatively ordinary nylon Nitrile gloves. With the deterioration of market competition, many manufacturers artificially reducing the content of NBR for pursuing lower prices to meet customers` chase of low-priced products, the main reason of coated gloves is more wear-resistant and durable than ordinary nylon yarn gloves lies in manufactures reduce the purity and content of plastic deliberately, which reduce the quality of gloves greatly. Therefore, many people feel poor wear resistance of nitrile nylon gloves, in fact, it is an illusion. 13 gauge polyester nitrile gloves are adopted with pure gum rubber as coating material, possesses of strong resistance to abrasion. Tests show that this type of glove can meet users` demand in both of surface and durability. Testing in surface proves that gloves will not appear large area of peeling even if they are worn out. Improved production process stabilize the quality of this type of polyester nitrile gloves.

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