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Pink Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves With 13-Gaug Nylon Seamless Knit

Pink Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves

Product name : Pink Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves With 13-Gaug Nylon Seamless Knit

Item No: N-11

Material: Pink Nitrile & Nylon Seamless Knit

Coating way: Half Coating

Size: 10/9/8/7


13 Gauge nylon hand gloves with nitrile coated introduce yellow 13-pin nylon as material, also is named glove core through process from nylon seamless knitting into gloves liner, also called, followed by dipping pure rubber production and processing. Coated gloves also known as dipped gloves, adhesive gloves or hanging plastic gloves, different names for the basically same process, latex or synthetic rubber layer is dipped on the base of yarn gloves to enhance gloves` abrasion resistance and other physical or chemical properties. Nitrile coated hand gloves is made of NBR synthetic rubber as coating material from the processing. This rubber is characteristic of thin & soft texture after grilled under normal temperature condition, so it is more popular for long time. In addition, we generally call this glove is 13 gauge nylon gloves, in fact, in order to reduce costs, this type of glove often use polyester yarn as raw materials, professional generally known as polyester nitrile gloves. It also can be produced as nylon liner if special requirements are put forward by customers. 

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