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Acid & alkali-resistant safety glove

Acid & alkali resistant glove is also called operation box glove or incubator glove, characterized by 70% strong acid resistance, 55% strong alkali resistance, soft and comfortable and easy to wear, suitable for electronics, biomedicine, chemistry, printing & dyeing and electroplating. In order to prevent hands from acid & alkali damage, the quality should comply with the "Acid (alkali) gloves" regulations. Work Gloves are not allowed to have defects such as blooming, brittleness, stickiness and breakage. The non-leakage of glove means that it must be airtight, air leakage is not allowed under certain pressures.
Acid & alkali resistant glove can be divided into rubber acid & alkali resistant glove, latex acid & alkali resistant glove, plastic acid & alkali resistant glove and dip-plastic acid & alkali resistant glove according to the material. Rubber acid & alkali resistant glove: this glove is available in both mitten and open-palm styles. Latex acid & alkali resistant glove usually is worn in contact with low concentrations of acid & alkali solutions, printing & dyeing liquids, contaminants, general chemicals, toxic chemical materials and general industrial operations to prevent occupational skin diseases and have multiple product specifications. Plastic acid & alkali resistant glove is  soft, acid & alkali resistant, cold resistant and anti-aging. Dip-plastic acid & alkali resistant glove is hand-type glove, its specification is divided into three types, long sleeves, middle sleeves and short sleeves. Waterproof gloves and anti-virus gloves can be replaced by acid & alkali resistant gloves.
Labor is glorious, but safety precautions must be taken to ensure personal safety while improving production efficiency in the work, dipped safety gloves are the first protective measure for hand guards.
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