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Main industries of low temperature operation

Winter is coming after enter November, following the wave of rapid cooling, many workers who work indoors and outdoors without heating facilities should pay special attention to the labor protection of low temperature operation. According to China' s national standard for low-temperature operation grading, low-temperature operation refers to the average temperature of working place is equal to or lower than 5 degrees Celsius during production labor. Industries of low temperature operation mainly include the following:
Firstly, engaged in open or field operations in cold winter areas, such as construction, power transformation line construction & maintenance, geological exploration, agriculture, fisheries and field inspections.
Secondly, water & underwater operations of rivers and reservoirs, water pipes bursting & repairing operations of water plants, water & underwater operations on the sea surface.
Thirdly, indoor works without heating due to conditions or other reasons, such as work in cold storage, cellar and so on.
Workers should pay attention to the protection of hands when work in low temperature environment, they should choose appropriate cold gloves direct to specific working conditions. There are many types of cold gloves, among them, PVC freeze-resistant gloves made by Gaomi Huanyu mainly include fluorescent sponge composite cloth. Lined, cashmere inner lining, and thick velvet lining. These PVC cold-proof gloves not only can prevent cold and keep warmth, but also have effect of water-proof, oil-proof  gloves and acid & alkali resistance gloves.
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