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Main application areas of PVC protective gloves

Different types of work gloves have will be used differently depending on their functions, PVC protective gloves are oil resistant, acid & alkali resistant and water resistant, therefore, there are used in the following fields:
I. Oil-resistant protective gloves for workshop production
The surface of PVC dipped gloves is made of environmentally friendly oil, paste resin powder and other raw materials, it has excellent oil resistance to resist various oils and greases, as well as good anti-penetration properties, it is especially suitable for working in an oily environment. PVC oil-resistant protective gloves are used to protect skin of the hands from allergic symptoms caused by the stimulation of oily substances, such as itchy skin, acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, dry skin, rupture, pigmentation of body and nail damage.
2. Acid & alkali resistant gloves for chemical industries
PVC dipped protective gloves have good acid & alkali resistance and can resist the erosion of various strong acids, strong alkalis and general chemicals, these protective gloves can prevent damage of extreme chemicals, such as acid and alkali, their quality should conform to the relevant regulations of national industrial safety production. Acid & alkali labor protective gloves are required to possess of non-leakage properties, that is, they must be airtight. Air leakage is not allowed under certain pressures.
3. Fishing gloves for fishing boat operations
Due to oil resistance, PVC coated gloves are also waterproof, they can be used in marine fishing operations. They are also resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, which can be used as protection in cold working environments and suitable for fishing boats.
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