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What factors determine the quality of cotton gloves in the production process?

The protective function of cotton gloves can not be ignored, their production process are also particular. Let' s introduce the production process briefly and talk about what factors determine the quality of cotton gloves in the production process?
1. The quality of raw materials. Raw material is key for the quality of cotton work gloves. Materials should be inspected and selected before production of gloves, only qualified material can be used to produce safety gloves. 
2. Rectification and adjustment. Technicians and staffs of production workshop need to screen and sort out labor protection gloves, gloves must be rectified it they don` t meet requirements.
3. Gloves are sewn. Qualified gloves are sewn and finished products are processed.
4. Packaging. Qualified cotton work gloves are packed in small packages and prepare them to enter the market, then play their role. Labor safety gloves are very important for people who work hard, they can protect hands and prevent hands from scratches. The quality of gloves determines their service time, work gloves with good quality can be used for long time. In the contrast, gloves will be abrade and broken within short time because of bad quality. So what factors determine their quality?huanyu will explain to you:
The main raw material of cotton glove is cotton, so it determines glove` s quality. It is know that the longer the cotton thread is, the texture is soft, the color is brighter, the more uniform of yarn is spun, and the quality of yarn is better. Compare the same thickness of yarn that spin out by the thick cotton, because the cotton thread is thin and long, the number of fibers contained in the yarn is large, so the cohesive area between fibers is large, and the force of slippage between fibers is prevented. It is large, so the yarn has uniform thickness and good strength.
If the cotton thread is short and thick, the spun yarn is coarse and the strand is not uniform. The fine cotton yarn is spun to obtain the same thickness and yarn count is compared. Since the fiber is thick and short, the number of fibers contained in the yarn is small, the number of twist between fibers is small, and the cohesion is small too. Then the fluffy hair exposed on the outside of the yarn will be much more, the strength of the cotton gloves will be poor, the surface of the yarn will be rough and the texture will be hard. 
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