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Types of oil resistant gloves

Oil-resistant glove is one of work gloves, they are mainly used as industrial gloves for oil field operations, machine & tool processing, electrical device assembly and other industries that contact oil to protect skin of hands from oils and fats, then to avoid various skin diseases. Materials of oil resistant gloves are also different, mainly divided into PVC oil-resistant gloves, nitrile-oil resistant gloves, PU oil-resistant gloves and so on.
PVC oil-resistant gloves are mainly dipped gloves. PVC coated surface can play good anti-oil effect, as well as acid & alkali resistance. The inner lining is cotton or flannel, which is comfortable to wear and without allergic reaction. According to outer immersion surface, PVC oil-resistant gloves can be divided into smooth finish, matte finish, sandy finish and  granules finish.
The nitrile oil-resistant gloves have wear resistance and puncture resistance, it has the best oil resistance, but the elasticity is poor, the price is high, and the quantity on the market is small.
PU oil-resistant gloves are mainly lined polyester and dust-free gloves. They are lighter, flexible and comfortable to wear, less prone to static electricity. They can be used to manipulate fine work. The oil-proof effect is general, price is not too expensive
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