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The importance of painter wears safety gloves

Painters often come into contact with paint because of the nature of their work. Paint thinners is toxic solvent and should not be handled without personal protective equipment.
Benzene organic compounds are highly toxic solvents that can enter human body through respiratory tract and skin, damage to nervous system and hematopoietic tissue, and then decrease the Number of white blood cells and platelets in the blood, long-term exposure can cause leukemia to people. Sodium hydroxide is corrosive and can cause deep tissue damage in the skin if come into contact with them for long time. Mineral oil is irritating and can Burn the skin. 1,4-dioxane is a carcinogen and also is irritating strongly to the skin.
In order to avoid these chemicals to hurt health, work glove manufacturers remind painters to do all-around protection work.
1, Respiratory protection
Use a suitable air supply mask or respirator when painting, to work in ventilated environment.
2, Hand protection
Work gloves must have certain anti-chemical properties, and also maintain the flexibility of hands. Nitrile glove is good choice for handling these substances by blocking unique chemicals in paint solvent. If the paint contains butanone, which is one nitrile-intolerant substance, painters Should choose thicker and durable PVC coated gloves and try best to minimize the using time.
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