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What are functions of industrial gloves? The importance of regulation about using of work gloves

High temperature weather poses certain challenge to the occupational safety and health of first-line workers. Due to the hot weather, some workers did not wear work clothes according to standard, the sleeve of clothes was rolled up high, helmet was buckled on the head or not wear safety gloves. These irregular behaviors have certain accident risks. Labor protection products can not protect wrokers as they should.
Therefore, HY reminds everyone that safety gloves are guarantee for personal safety of employees and play an important role in reducing occupational hazards. Protective gloves should not be worn on seasonal basis, neglecting the importance of work gloves is a risky behavior. No matter whether is high temperature or severe cold, labor insurance address must be standardized, especially under high temperature and hot weather. Enterprise managers should urge employees to enhance their awareness of self-protection and raise their awareness of labor protection products. They should not neglect to wear protective equipment because of hot weather.
Of course, enterprises also should provide employees with suitable work gloves and heatstroke prevention products according to working environment of different positions. In high-temperature work places, effective ventilation, heat insulation and cooling measures should be taken, and try to avoid carrying open-air operations during period with high temperature. At the same time, it is necessary to implement the system strictly, employees' irregular wear behaviors are not allowed. Supervisor should increase labor insurance supervision, especially strengthen the inspect and supervise of labor safety products dress of key personnel, such as high-temperature and high-risk positions. To create safe production atmosphere and ensure safe production. As one type of protective gloves, dipped gloves will increase sweating, discomfort and poor ventilation in the high temperature environment, but it is also required to wear according to requirements, and working time should be shortened appropriately.
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