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Are your hands "useless"? How much do you know about protective gloves?

Most operations in the workplace need to be done manually. When people's hands come into contact with machines, they need to be protected. So do you know about protective gloves? There are some commonly used protective gloves
1 Labor protection gloves
This type of gloves can protect hands and arms, operators generally use them when working.
2 Insulating gloves for live work
Choose appropriate gloves according to the voltage, and check whether there are cracks, stickiness, brittleness and other defects on the surface of gloves. They are prohibited from using if there are abnormalities,.
3 Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant gloves
This gloves are used when contact with acids and alkalis.
4 Rubber oil-resistant gloves
Mainly used when contacting mineral oils, vegetable oils and various aliphatic solvents.
5 Welder gloves
Welder gloves are generally made of high temperature resistant materials, which can withstand high temperatures of up to 1000℃ or more, to effectively prevent burns and scalds caused by flame and heat on the hand. The use of welder gloves can improve the safety and efficiency of workers, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and protect the health of welders.
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