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Classification of insulation gloves

Insulating gloves, also known as high temperature gloves, or high pressure insulating gloves, are made of natural rubber, with insulating rubber or latex by pressing, molding, vulcanization or dip molding five-finger gloves. Insulating gloves are labor protection supplies, play an important role in protecting opponents and human body. Insulation gloves are made of rubber, latex, plastic and other materials, with the function of electricity resistance, water resistance, acid & alkali resistance, chemical-proof and oil prevention. They are suitable for power industry, automotive and mechanical maintenance, chemical industry and precision installation. 
Insulation gloves are the most common kind of PPE products, insulation gloves can be divided into composite insulation gloves, long-sleeve composite insulation gloves, mittens, sleeves, sleeve roll, bifurcation, and wrist.
There are five kinds of special properties: acid resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, acid/oil/ozone resistance, and low temperature resistance. You must know some maintenance knowledge when wearing these gloves
After using insulation gloves, we should number them uniformly and store them in ventilated and dry places. Do not store them with items that are corrosive, and keep them out of direct sunlight. In addition, remember to put them on the special bracket when saving these gloves, and it is not allowed to stack any other items.
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