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Testing standards for insulation gloves

What is the meaning of different insulation gloves?
Firstly, insulation gloves for live work that meet National standard GB/T17622-2008
Insulation gloves are divided into five levels according to electrical performance.
Level 0, suitable for 380V and below voltage;
Level 1, suitable for 3kV and below voltage;
Level 2, suitable for 10kV and below voltage;
Level 3, suitable for 20kV and below voltage;
Level 4, suitable for 35k V and below voltage.
Secondly, insulating gloves that meet EN60903-2003 European standard 
European standard insulation gloves are divided into six levels according to electrical performance.
Grade 00, maximum applicable voltage
Level 0, maximum applicable voltage 1kv
Level 1, maximum applicable voltage
Level 2, maximum applicable voltage 17kv
Level 3, maximum applicable voltage
Level 4, maximum applicable voltage 36kv
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