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Six common sense of protective gloves must be known

Whether it is latex gloves, nitrile gloves or other protective gloves, you will encounter some small doubts in the whole process of application, so we will take you to deal with these small doubts and learn more knowledge about protective gloves!
Firstly, it is difficult for wet hands to wear safety gloves.
Some people doubt that water is lubrication, why wet hands are difficult to put on safety gloves? Water is indeed one lubricant for the body, but in the case of water on the surface of hands, atmospheric pressure will affect the part of glove that has water in it, and the greater the positive pressure, the greater the tensile force needed to get rid of the sliding friction. Therefore, if you want to take off gloves quickly and easily, it is suggested that you do not need to wear wet hands or sweaty hands during the work process
Secondly, there has difference in the thickness of protective gloves. The thickness of different protective gloves is not the same. In accordance with the actual application site, if the workplace provision is high, the safety protection provision also is high, so there is no doubt that you have to choose thicker and more robust of gloves. But it is not mean the thicker, the better. To understand the thinner the gloves, the demand for processing technology will be higher, the thicker the gloves, the comfort of the workers will be reduced, and then harm the work efficiency of users. Therefore, the thickness of protective gloves should be considered as a whole.
Thirdly, the oil resistance of nitrile gloves is stronger than other gloves.
Indeed, nitrile gloves are made of acrylonitrile and butadiene, so they have the characteristics of two homopolymers, in which the acrylonitrile component has strong optical activity, which can make the prepolymer have good solvent corrosion resistance, especially oil resistance. Whether it is natural latex gloves or PVC gloves, their oil resistance is slightly lower than nitrile gloves, which is why nitrile gloves are widely used in the catering industry.
Fourth, it is not distinguish between left hand and right hand for the majority of disposable gloves. 
In general, the majority of disposable gloves are not worn by left hand and right hand except for medical gloves. Medical gloves are bactericidal gloves, they not only must be packed in a single pair, but also stipulated that the left hand and the right hand are divided. While other general protective gloves do not distinguish between left hand and right hand.
Fifth, nitrile gloves are proposed to be applied at room temperature
Although the raw material of nitrile gloves can be used normally under the -10℃~100℃. As an object applied with hands, the nitrile gloves should be applied at the ambient temperature of all normal use of the arm, so as to have the actual effect of safety protection. In addition, nitrile gloves also needs to be placed in ultra-low temperature, shade, natural ventilation and dry place, so that prevent dust environmental pollution and avoid air oxidation of gloves.
Sixth, nitrile gloves have relatively rich color
The more commonly used disposable gloves on the market are milky white and dark blue, but nitrile safety gloves are not the same, it can be changed colors according to customers` request, which is because the compatibility mode of nitrile materials is very good, and it can add a variety of colorful colors.
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